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On the subject of changeable locks, although the general mechanism is all lever tumblers, the changeable half is different. There are two major designs: changeable levers and changeable fence. Steve Young has an in-depht article on safe deposit lock servicing which shows how they appear like. Changeable lever design is usually seen on early locks, such as LeFebure collection. These locks are non-handed resulting from their changeable lever mechanism and double changeable. Changeable fence design remains to be widely used to this day and is often seen on high security changeable key locks too. The changeable fence can be utilized on either renter or guard lock or each locks, so we are able to have one mounted and one changeable lock and double changeable lock to completely serving our needs. We don’t should dig into how and why each mechanism works in detail, the entire concept of learn how to reset to new keys is generally the identical.

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