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trapped inside their homes for the past 106 long days couldn't wait another minute to get back into the swing of things, flocking to pubs, pokie rooms and even hair dressers on the stroke of [].<br>NSW has finally been released from its gruelling Covid with double-dosed residents now allowed to hit the streets and see their mates after the state smashed its 70 per cent vaccination target last week, prompting the stay-at-home orders to lift at 12.01am on Monday.     <br>The milestone means most business can return to trading once again but with some capacity limits in place.<br>Long-suffering venues across the city welcomed back patrons with open arms on a weekday evening in October that felt more like a New Year's Eve celebration prior to when the pandemic gripped the world, cutting off friends and separating families.   <br> <br> more videos <br><br>DM.later('bundle', function()<br>DM.molFeCarousel.init('#p-19', 'channelCarousel', <br>"activeClass" : "wocc",<br>"pageCount" : "3.0",<br>"pageSize" : 1,<br>"onPos": 0,<br>"updateStyleOnHover": true<br>);<br>);<br>A staff member at Sydney's City Tattersalls club pops the cork of a champagne bottle as the clock hit 12:01am <br> Hairdressers are allowed to open as of 12.01am on Monday with a maximum of four customers at a time, prompting some to make an early booking at Paddington's Alan Buki salon (pictured just after midnight)<br> A patron at Sydney's City Tattersalls club shows a staff member her vaccination status before entering the venue<br> Some punters at Sydney's Tattersalls club just couldn't wait another minute to get back amongst the action after being cut off from mates for 106 long days<br> Customers must prove their vaccination status when they enter any venue in NSW or they will be refused <br> A couple in Sydney toast to their new freedoms as the state's gruelling lockdown measures are lifted<br> A server wearing a face mask places a glass of sparkling wine down on the table as the celebrations get underway <br> It's all smiles for [ w88ok] these three mates who are captured enjoying a beer and some food on their first night out in months<br>With only double-dosed residents allowed to enter non-essential venues in NSW, police set up a late-night roadblock along Parramatta Road as well as other main routes into the city to prevent unvaccinated lockdown rule breakers from heading into the CBD to join the festivities.<br>It's been a particularly miserable three and half months for the coronavirus-ravaged Harbour City with residents subject to extremely harsh restrictions including the 5km travel bubble and even curfews in parts of the heavy-hit west.<br>But with horror winter months in the rear view mirror and the state prepared to 'live with the virus', it's now party time once again. <br>A staff member at Sydney's Tattersalls club in the CBD welcomed patrons inside by popping a champagne bottle..<br> RELATED ARTICLES <br><br><br><br>Share this article<br>Share<br><br><br>Ecstatic revellers had smiles from ear to ear as they rushed inside proudly flashing their digital Covid-19 vaccination certificate at the door to gain entry.<br>In the west, [ w88] hundreds of excited locals arrived en masse at Canterbury Leagues Club with huge lines sprawling way out into the parking lot.<br>Even further west in Blacktown, there were similar scenes at Kmart.<br>Hundreds of midnight shoppers queued up for about 50 meters to get into the discount store which has only been allowed to operated using click and collect services during the lockdown.<br> more videos <br><br>DM.later('bundle', function()<br>DM.molFeCarousel.init('#p-44', 'channelCarousel', <br>"activeClass" : "wocc",<br>"pageCount" : "3.0",<br>"pageSize" : 1,<br>"onPos": 0,<br>"updateStyleOnHover": true<br>);<br>);<br>[ Hundreds] of excited locals arrived en masse at Canterbury Leagues Club with huge lines sprawling way out into the parking lot (pictured) <br> Guests just couldn't wait to get back into the popular community club (Canterbury Leagues, pictured) after three and a half months away<br> Beer keg after beer keg was rolled into pubs and clubs across Sydney in preparation for tonight's reopening<br> There were incredible scenes at Kmart in Blacktown (pictured) with hundreds lined up into the car park to go shopping at the discount chain<br><div class="art-ins mol-factbox floatRHS news" data-version="2" id="mol-732d80d0-29c9-11ec-b1f4-d7fd0ab6b908" website FLOCK to the pub, pokies and even hair salons at midnight

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