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If you're taking pride in your lawn and want to keep it as healthy and vibrant as attainable, you would possibly need to expand your list of lawn care tools to incorporate a lawn aerator. A lawn aerator is pretty much what its name suggests—a tool designed to aerate the soil in your yard, allowing oxygen and nutrients to enter the soil while additionally improving drainage. This may be necessary if the soil in your lawn has too much thatch (dried plant remains) or is heavily compacted by frequent activity. As a general rule, aerating once per year is a sensible idea. If your lawn gets used very typically, you may want to aerate twice per year. As an example, golf courses often aerate three-5 times per year. However they’re a special case — those are lawns that are designed to be walked on!

To aerate the soil properly, you have to mow the lawn as low as potential. It's higher to finish this process before the day. Moist soil is the proper condition to aerate the lawn. If the land is too wet, then it can become a messy job. Aerating wet soil can shut the holes you created and air and water will not be ready to urge to the roots. This manual homemade plug aerator aerator is the foremost cheap nonetheless high-quality product on our list. Coming in at below $forty, the Yard Butler is a wonderful tool for those with smaller yards that don’t need to invest in an upscale motor plug aerator, however wish the identical effectiveness.

The earth should not be waterlogged, ideally the turf would have had a sensible watering and be slightly soft but still firm, this especially applies if you are doing core aerating. Do not aerate during a drought as then the holes will crack open. If the ground is frosty wait until later in the morning when the frost has gone before you start aerating. We have a tendency to already discussed that for small sized yard, you can use the aerators that are designed manually (uses muscle power to control) which are less costly. Also, there are lawn tractors designed for large yards to wash and fertilize the soil.

Aerating provides the roots of your lawn with better access to oxygen and improves the power of your soil to hold water. Spike aeration uses a roller with solid spikes to puncture the soil and create spaces for air and water. Plug or core aerators use hollow tines to remove plugs of soil, leaving tiny gaps in the soil. Employing a lawn aerator yearly to create area for air and water to succeed in your lawn’s roots will be the key that unlocks the gate to greener pastures. Browse on for what to appear for in quality tool of this type and to find out why we have a tendency to selected the below models as our high favorites among the simplest lawn aerator options obtainable.

You aerate your lawn to eliminate the soil compaction that is preventing the circulation of nutrients and water. Aeration means that perforating the soil with little holes to allow air, water, and other nutrients to penetrate to the deep roots of grass, once the roots are strengthened you will see a healthier lawn, the advantages of Aeration embrace:

You'll aerate and fertilize your lawn all directly with the Brinly-Hardy forty in. Tow-Behind Combination Aerator-Spreader. This spike aerator features star-shaped tines to penetrate your lawn up to 2 inches, and it will simultaneously spread seed, lime, or fertilizer directly into the freshly-poked holes. 


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